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Every year, countless individuals are involved in car accidents, and knowing how to navigate the aftermath is crucial. In this guide, we offer essential resources for Jupiter car crash victims, helping you understand the steps to take for your car accident case. We take a closer look at the local resources that can provide support, from obtaining police reports to seeking car accident injury treatment. It’s important to be informed because, after a car crash, time is of the essence. Efficient legal assistance is close to home at Lipinski Law’s office, conveniently located right here in Jupiter.

Police Station Information

The Jupiter Police Department, located at the Jupiter Municipal Building at 210 Military Trail, Jupiter, FL 33458, is a starting point for many car accident victims to file reports and obtain documentation. Victims often ask, “Can you file a police report after an accident?” The answer is definitely yes, and you should do so immediately at the scene of the crash, documenting essential evidence.

To request a copy of a police traffic report, you need to provide identification and relevant information about the incident. The specifics of the request can change based on who is requesting and whether you’re within or beyond the 60-day window post-accident. For complete details on how to request your crash report, contact the Jupiter Police Department. Reports can be requested in person, or by mail, fax, or email. Remember, proper documentation is crucial for your car accident case and can significantly impact its outcome.

  1. In-person: request a copy of a police report in person at the Jupiter Police Department’s Records Section. Depending on the type of report, you may be asked to present identification.
  2. By mail: to receive a copy of a police report via mail, you must submit your payment, a written request for the report, and a self-addressed stamped envelope before Jupiter Police will send you the report. When you make your request, you will be notified of the amount due for your copies.
  3. By fax: You may fax your request to the Records Section at (561) 746-4545. Make sure you include your contact telephone number so that Jupiter Police can respond to you regarding your request and the amount due for your copies.
  4. By e-mail: You may request a report by e-mailing the Records Section: [email protected]

Collecting evidence is a crucial element of car accident cases. As we previously discussed in our blog post titled “5 Types of Evidence That Can Disappear Quickly After an Auto Accident,” at the scene of a car crash, there are valuable types of information such as skid marks, vehicle debris, and witness memories that can literally disappear after the accident. This evidence is vital for piecing together what happened and establishing a strong car accident case.

In that post, we highlighted the transitory nature of physical clues and the urgency of capturing them before they are lost to the elements, traffic, or clean-up efforts. We also discussed the steps a car accident victim should take immediately following an accident to preserve these vital pieces of evidence. Understanding this can significantly affect the outcome of your case.

Access to Local Traffic Cameras

Local traffic cameras can be an invaluable resource to Jupiter car crash victims. To access this footage, victims or their accident attorneys must submit a request to the agency that oversees the traffic cameras. Typically, you can request traffic camera footage from the local law enforcement agency, such as the Jupiter Police Department. Other local government agencies, businesses, or individuals may also have access to video footage depending on where your accident occurred.

In Florida, traffic camera footage serves as a public resource, fostering open and accountable road use practices. Nevertheless, obtaining this footage must be approached with due care for legal protocols and privacy standards. Having an experienced attorney and legal team can ensure that all necessary rules and regulations are followed.  

Hospitals and Medical Services

For car accident injury treatment, Jupiter Medical Center is the primary facility equipped to handle such emergencies. They operate a comprehensive emergency department, treating a wide range of injuries. More serious cases may be referred to designated trauma centers such as St. Mary’s Medical Center, a Level 1 Trauma Center. These centers offer specialized care and have the requisite equipment and expertise to enhance survival rates and recovery. You can read more about trauma centers here.

It’s also important to think ahead about obtaining your medical records post-treatment. Some treatment providers will make health records available through an online patient portal. If you do not have access to an online patient portal, there are other ways to obtain your records. Information about how to get your health record may be found under the Contact Us section of a provider’s website. It may direct you to an online portal, a phone number, an email address, or a form. You can also call or visit your provider and ask them how to get your health record. Ask for the health information services department or the administrative staff in charge of releasing health records.

At Lipinski Law, we’re well-versed in the procedures for obtaining medical records and making sure everything is done according to privacy laws. While our team can handle this for you, if you choose to collect your medical records yourself, it can help move your case along quicker and may also lower your case expenses.

Getting your records directly can demonstrate your engagement in your case and possibly speed up legal processes, including filing insurance claims. These records give us immediate insight into your injuries, which can be crucial when we’re arguing for your compensation.

Whether you gather your medical records, or we do, our objective is the same: to manage your case effectively. Trust that Lipinski Law is here to support you at every stage.

Legal Support and Services

“Do I need an attorney after a car accident?” This is a common question, and the answer often depends on the specifics of your case. Legal representation by a car accident attorney ensures that your rights are protected and aids in seeking fair compensation. Lipinski Law, conveniently located in Jupiter, offers expertise in navigating the complexities of a Jupiter car crash case. We advocate for our clients, providing support and guidance through every step of the process.

If you’ve been a Jupiter car crash victim, contact Lipinski Law for a consultation. Our hands-on approach and comprehensive understanding of car accident cases will serve as your guide through these trying times. To schedule a consultation, please visit our contact page here or call us at 561-453-4800.


When involved in a Jupiter car crash, the steps you take can influence the resolution of your car accident case. Jupiter offers various resources to support car accident victims, from the Jupiter Police Department to the Jupiter Medical Center, and specialized legal representation by a Jupiter car crash attorney, such as those at Lipinski Law. We are here to navigate the path toward a fair and just resolution. Our office is not only a resource but a partner in your recovery process. Stay informed, stay supported, and remember, we are here to help.

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